JB’s Pizza Garden

JB’s Pizza Garden


open Friday from 5pm, Saturday from 4pm, Sunday from 3pm

(tables can be reserved for parties of 8 or more)


Wood Fired Pizzas


10 inch thin crust homemade base


Margherita   €10

homemade tomato sauce & grated mozzarella


Horan’s baked ham   €12

creamed spinach & onion marmalade


BBQ pulled pork   €12

jalapenos & sweetcorn relish


Goat’s cheese   €12

olives, balsamic rocket & cherry tomatoes


Roast chicken  €12

wood fired pepper chutney & Caesar aioli


Pepperoni   €12

onions, mushrooms & mascarpone


Kids Pizzas

6 inch €6

Margherita / Pepperoni / Ham & Pineapple


Nibbly Bits

Crispy spicy chicken wings  €8

garlic mayonnaise


Chilli beef nachos  €8

guacamole, sour cream & jalapenos


Taco cheese fries   €6

Skinny fries   €3

Parmesan fries   €4